When we want to simply let Copper be Copper, we go with a Sequoia patina finish. Our Sequoia finish creates the traditional look and feel of natural, raw Copper. It reflects a bright, crisp color with undertones of orange and pink.

For thousands of years, Copper has been used to create some of the most architecturally distinguishable features on exteriors and interiors of beautiful buildings and structures throughout the world. Beginning immediately on exposure to the environment, Copper’s natural patination process is complex and can take many years to fully evolve into the earthy colors and textures that have become more desirable in modern architecture. MG McGrath Custom Finishing provides a variety of pre-patinated custom finishes on Copper to give architects and designers the particular Copper patina that they desire for their project at installation.

**Images are a representation of what the finish will look like, and are not meant to match every panel. Variations in the finish should be expected as they are part of the design and the art of the process. The artistic nature of the finish, along with the natural properties of the metal, can create an inconsistent look that will also change over time dependent on atmospheric conditions. Physical samples are available upon request.**

Samples are large 5.5″ X 9″ metal pieces

Zion™ | Copper
Modac™ | Copper