Construction at M. G. McGrath, Inc. includes both shop fabrication and field installation. We are a union contractor committed to delivering unparalleled creative solutions on every project, whether simple or complex, and ensuring architect’s designs as well as owner and contractor expectations are met in the final product. We perform work in the 48 contiguous United States and have expertise working safely and efficiently in nearly every climate, season, and weather condition. 


Shop Fabrication

Our craftspeople are among the most talented and experienced in the industry. Their pride and passion for excellence extends to every detail of their work, whether they are building a crate, running a CNC press, or putting together a unitized curtain wall assembly. We have cultivated a supportive and proactive company culture where team members are encouraged to think innovatively to test and fabricate creative solutions for every project.

We self-perform nearly all of our work, at our MN headquarters which features over 125,000 square feet of fabrication and assembly space spread across three facilities. We routinely invest in the latest equipment, tools, and technology such as our fully-automated fiber optic laser and our 5-axis CNC machine, to stay at the forefront of the construction industry.

Our digitally-defined fabrication process starts in the preconstruction phase where building components are configured virtually so we can fabricate directly from a 3D model. This enables us to successfully work through design elements and fabricate solutions with the goal of simplifying field installation and resolving unforeseen challenges prior to arriving on site.



At MG McGrath, we expect excellence, and as a result, there is an elevated level of quality and craftsmanship our installation team delivers that is unmatched in the industry. We understand that installing a precise enclosure system takes a great deal of skill, innovation, and creativity. Our team has the experience and solutions-driven mindset it takes to adapt to unique and changing site conditions. Our project managers, field supervisors, and site foremen provide on-site day-to-day management and are empowered to make decisions to keep the project on schedule and budget.

In response to the unpredictable nature of traditional field construction, MG McGrath has placed a high priority on off-site fabrication in a controlled environment. As a result, we have developed specific expertise in pre-assembly, unitization, and modular construction and know when to deploy pre-fabricated vs stick-built systems.



Over the course of the project we prepare and monitor our own internal pre-punch list prior to the final punch lists with the architect, owner, and general contractor. We then conduct a closeout site walk review with the customer to ensure 100% of the agreed-upon scope is completed and their expectations for quality fit and finish are met.

Ensuring the project is ready to be turned over to the owner, we gather and provide specification closeout documentation such as warranty requirements, as-built documents, and testing results.

Finally, we conduct an internal lessons learned analysis covering the lifecycle of the project from initial estimate to project completion. This allows us to understand and share what went well, and what we can learn from to grow as a company.

At MG McGrath, we do not leave safety up to chance. It’s a requirement and a conscious decision engrained in every process, every product, every worker and it is done all day, every day. 

Our award-winning, safety program is dedicated to keeping everyone safe at every stage no matter the size or scope of a project. The safety and wellbeing of our workers, the project team, and the public is of the utmost importance to us, and the delivery of a safe project starts long before our teams begin to build.

Project-specific safety plans are created and implemented by members of our full-time, internal, safety team at the start of each project on the jobsite and in the shop which include:

  • Protection & prevention procedures
  • Providing PPE
  • Emergency response planning
  • Proactive safety management policies
  • Hazard analysis
  • Daily communication of site/shop activities in all trades & locations



There are two primary components when considering quality; quality control and quality assurance. To some, quality is a subjective attribute, but at MG McGrath the way we define it is simple; it’s a measure of excellence achieved by consistency and being free from defects, deficiencies, and notable variations.

Quality Control

We have a dedicated full-time quality team, but everyone is responsible for quality at every stage which further enforces our Kaizan Model approach of Lean Six Sigma. From the beginning of the project, an internal quality staff member is assigned and creates a project-specific quality plan and manual which is followed to project close-out.

Quality Assurance

We have developed a proprietary project tracking application which allows us to assign and require quality audits at any point throughout the fabrication and installation process, requiring craftspeople to inspect workmanship and adherence to codes and specifications. This keeps all parties on a real-time status of the project whether in the shop, field, or at the office.



We have developed our own in-house patented project tracking application to give both internal and external project teams end-to-end visibility of our scope. Every panel, clip, impact drill, and screw is tracked from prefabricated material to final placement. Each piece is scanned at every stage of the process from cutting, bending, finishing, crating, shipping, and install to aid in scheduling and production. At any point during these stages, we can assign and require quality audits and inspections for further quality control as well as specification and code adherence.

Our tracking application shows the real-time status of a project in a way that is easy to navigate and understand. Installation manuals are built into the program allowing our team to know exactly where and how to install each component. With all these steps documented live, we increase the levels of communication, quality, safety, efficiency, and transparency.

Project Tracking