MG McGrath Wins Second Place In SMACNA National Safety Competition

Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association (SMACNA) has recognized MG McGrath as the second place national safety winner in their annual safety and health competition for the 400,000-500,000 manhours worked category.

Each year SMACNA conducts a Safety Awards Program to recognize SMACNA members with the lowest injury/illness rates during the prior calendar year. Awards are presented to participating contractors with the lowest injury/illness incidence rate (as computed using the OSHA incident rate formula).

In 2018, MG McGrath logged over 444,360 manhours worked and only had 4 recorded incidents. Other companies in our manhours category averaged a higher number of reported injuries than MG McGrath.

At MG McGrath we do not leave safety up to chance. Safety is not just a corporate goal, its a requirement. In addition to shop safety inspections conducted at least once a week, we also host daily site safety training meetings that are mandatory for every employee at each jobsite. Safety is the front and center of all of our operations, which is why all employees are provided proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and multiple written safety programs that include everything from basic safety and first aid, to hazard recognition and required protective procedures.

We are proud to have nationally won second place for our manhours category in SMACNA’s Safety & Health competition and will continue to make safety a priority at MG McGrath

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