LECET Safety Driven Contractor Award of Excellence

The Laborers-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust (LECET) of Minnesota has recognized MG McGrath and 50 other contractors in their 2019 Safety Driven Award of Excellence.

This designation is awarded to union contractors in the state of Minnesota who have met and exceeded safety program performance standards for the 2019 calendar year.

MG McGrath has continued to surpass basic level safety requirements, and we will always make safety a priority in every facet of our business. We have been proactive and diligent in our safety planning and are proud to be recognized for our thorough safety programs. The safety and well-being of our people have always been our biggest concern, and we are happy to have made the list with so many other contractors who are taking an active role in putting the safety of their team first.

“We are thrilled to honor so many highly regarded Union contractors who lead the way in both areas of high-quality construction and safety,” said Mike Bubalo, LECET Chairman and Financial Secretary of LIUNA Local 563 in Minneapolis. “You will recognize many of these Union contractors in Finance and Commerce News’ Top Projects series. They are proven winners and they are unapologetic about sharing safety trends and resources with one another, which makes our industry even better.”

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