Exhibit Award For The New York Aquarium

In 2019, The New York Aquarium received a Top Honors Award in the Exhibit category from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) for their Ocean Wonders: SHARKS! exhibit.


The New York Aquarium underwent a $157 million expansion project, which added the new Ocean Wonders: SHARKS! exhibit to their Brooklyn campus. The exhibit covers 57,000 square feet of space and features over 100 species of marine life from all over the world. The exhibit not only teaches visitors about the marine plants and animals in the exhibit, but also teaches them how to make environmentally conscious decisions so their waste doesn’t end up hurting marine wildlife.

MG McGrath worked with Portico Group Architects, Larson Engineering, and Turner Construction to help create this educational exhibit. MG McGrath installed paneling on the exterir of the exhibit, with the most notable part being the “shimmering” wind veil. This 13,000 square foot aluminum Wind Veil art feature, dubbed the “Shimmer Wall”, surrounds the new addition of the aquarium and becomes back-lit at night. The Wind Veil art is a shimmering veil, comprised of 33,000 aluminum tiles that move with the wind to reflect the ocean and sun, giving visitors an under-the-sea experience

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