Metal Construction News- Project Feature Religious: St Paul Monastery

MG McGrath Scope of Work:  MG McGrath fabricated and installed 8,400 square feet of custom sized 20 ounce 24 foot by 36 foot Tecu natural copper MG S-Slip shingles on stud framing over 30# felt paper, including associated trims as well as the fabricated and installed 20 ounce. Tecu natural copper fascia Spire. MG McGrath also fabricated and installed .040 medium bronze anodized UC-500 12 foot flush panels,  with seams 12 inches on-center installed over hat channel and 30# felt paper, including associated trims.  MG McGrath supplied and  fabricated the structural tube frame and sheeting for the large Spire, along with all the engineering. MG McGrath pre-fabricated and hoisted the entire unit and bolted it directly to the steel that we engineered and had in place.  All copper panels had varying patina patterns to create a custom appearance that the architect was looking for. This project was a particular challenge because each area of construction had a different patina request. All copper panels were MG S-Slip panels to allow for the low profile non-obtrusive architectural appearance that the architect was requesting, while still maintaining the expansion requirements of the project.

Metal Construction News: St. Paul Monastery: In-Spire-Ration: Copper Distinguishes Monastic Project