Sometimes, the chemicals that we use in our patination process can react together to form colorful “blooming” patterns on our metal surfaces. With its heavy mottling, contrast and movement, our Tacora finish on Zinc patterns golden and black hues together in such a way that reminds us of a stratovolcano layered with lava and ash.

Zinc is a soft, natural-weathering metal that has been used in architecture for centuries. In addition to the durability and natural beauty of this material, there are many qualities that make it appealing to architects. Among those qualities are its weathering characteristics that – while they can take several years to evolve and vary considerably with geographical conditions – result in the formation of natural, beautifully textured protective patinas on its surface. MG McGrath Custom Finishing’s unique finishes on Zinc provide architects and designers with dynamic and striking results.

**Images are a representation of what the finish will look like, and are not meant to match every panel. Variations in the finish should be expected as they are part of the design and the art of the process. The artistic nature of the finish, along with the natural properties of the metal, can create an inconsistent look that will also change over time dependent on atmospheric conditions. Physical samples are available upon request.**

Merapi™ | Zinc
Everest™ | Zinc