Our Sahara finish lets the warm, gold color of the Bronze metal shine through without any fuss. To create this customizable finish, we sand in a non-directional pattern on the surface, clear coat it and, once installed, we let it oxidize naturally over time. Although it is more refined than some of our more rustic, mottled finishes, you can expect to have subtle mottling on the surface of our Sahara.

Natural Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of Copper and can be seen in many different colors due to its weathering properties. MG McGrath Custom Finishing has developed a customizable pre-patination process in order to achieve a range of patinas on Bronze. From bright golds to warm browns to reds to black, with our process, our skilled and experienced craftsmen can work with architects and designers to provide them with the ideal solution for the unique and timeless look that they desire.

**Images are a representation of what the finish will look like, and are not meant to match every panel. Variations in the finish should be expected as they are part of the design and the art of the process. The artistic nature of the finish, along with the natural properties of the metal, can create an inconsistent look that will also change over time dependent on atmospheric conditions. Physical samples are available upon request.**

Samples are large 5.5″ X 9″ metal pieces


Brava™ | Weathered Steel
Tanami™ | Bronze