Metal Construction News gives an inside look at the Ordering Bent Metal Panels process including the role of the MG McGrath as the Sheet Metal Fabricator.  Sheet metal can be bent and folded in many configurations to serve a variety of functions for both roofing and siding applications.  There are many factors that need to be taken into account when fabricating bent metal panels.   These factors include but are not limited to the type of material that is selected for the project, the gauge, color will the material  be a natural metal such as copper or zinc  and/or is the metal pre-finished or post-finished.   An understanding of what properties the metal exhibits  when it is  bent along with to what degree all needs to be take into consideration when fabricating bent panels for a project.  MG McGrath works with architects and general contractors in the early stages of planning to make sure that all panels are accurate so that the project can be completed on time and within budget.

Metal Construction News | Installation Feature: Ordering Bent Metal Panels

A fabricator’s ordering role

Metal Construction News asked fabricator MG McGrath Inc. to describe the process of ordering bent metal panels.

In the early stages of a project, MG McGrath will receive a schematic design of a project from an architect. MG McGrath will work collaboratively with the architect to create precise shop drawings so that a project can be completed within budget. Once shop drawings are approved, field measurements are taken so that the panels can be formatted with exactness that will be needed to complete the project, without the need to make adjustments at the job site. In terms of the panel function, angle and length, this takes into account complete shop-optimized drawings that are accurate at the time of approval.

This will allow for the raw material to be manipulated to the angles and lengths that are needed for the project. To avoid mistakes in the fabrication of ordering bent metal panels, it is important that communication lines are kept open between all those that are involved in the project.

Mike P. McGrath, president, and David Rassmussen, business development manager, MG McGrath Inc., Maplewood, Minn.