The Kansas Statehouse Renovation that has been in the works for the past 12 years is near completion.  MG McGrath fabricated and installed 35,000 square feet of Natural Smooth Copper Batten Seam Roof Panels and  31,000 square feet Natural Smooth Copper Double Lock Seam Roof Panels.

The renovation began in 2001 and has updated water, electrical, heating, air conditioning and fire safety systems. Legislators have better, roomier offices and meeting rooms that are more accommodating to spectators. The state built an underground parking garage and expanded the basement, adding 128,000 square feet of space.


With a basement-to-dome renovation of the Kansas Statehouse nearing its end, a huge construction crane towering beside the building is supposed to come down next month, and the cost is likely to be a little less gargantuan than state officials had anticipated.



After more than a year of roof work as part of the 12-year overall project, the dome is complete except for a few final sheets of copper that need to be put on the north side.  -The Wichita Eagle


The Wichita Eagle | Shine back on Kansas’ capitol dome | Kansas Statehouse renovation nears completion