Now, the Corn Palace sits dome-less, as a two-phase, nearly $7.2 million renovation of the city-owned arena and tourist attraction takes a major step forward, visually, at least. Inside the Corn Palace, work has been ongoing since June, but has mostly consisted of demolition to make way for changes planned in the renovation.  The cost of construction for the first phase is expected to be about $3.64 million, with a 10 percent contingency taking up the rest of the $4.2 million budget for the first phase. A local company, Mueller Lumber, was awarded the bid for the construction by the council in May.  Dave Epp, a project manager with Mueller Lumber, said the removal of the domes went smoothly, though the process required the use of two different cranes — one for the largest dome, which is 30 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 11,500 pounds, and one for the two smaller domes, which are 18 feet tall and weigh a few thousand pounds.  -The Daily Republic


Corn Palace | The Domes Come Down

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MG McGrath Project Portfolio | Corn Palace

MG McGrath Scope of Work: MG McGrath will furnish and install the aluminum exterior decorative turrets and domes as well as decorative metal screen panels.

To remove the domes, workers first removed the flag poles that stuck out the top of the domes, then removed the bolts that attached the domes’ metal frames to the building. Then, they fastened the crane’s slings to the metal frames and hoisted the domes off the building.  The two smaller domes and the two turrets were removed Wednesday afternoon, and the largest dome was removed Thursday morning.  Once the largest dome was taken down, workers immediately began to cut away at the outer shells of all three domes to get at the metal frame inside, which Epp said will be shipped to a company in Minnesota and used in the construction of the three new, light-up domes.  -The Daily Republic