Services From concept to completion.



At M.G. McGrath, we feel it is critical to collaborate with the project team in an effort to develop a complete and functional design from start to finish. We are capable of creating a flawless, unique design that can withstand the elements of nature and time. Truly, M.G. McGrath’s design team is known for thinking outside the box and making the impossible a reality.


M.G. McGrath is dedicated to making each project a success. During pre-construction we can assess an early analysis of the effects that materials, techniques and schedules will have upon project cost and time. We achieve a successful project outcome by focusing on façade function and system performance, components, details and interfaces between the trades, logistics, scheduling and quality. We strongly believe that early planning allows for the best building practices and budget control.Pre Construction Button


The management team of M.G. McGrath administers the installation process of every project by self-performing work. We have chosen this method so we can control the accuracy, schedule and quality of each step of a project. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable work-site team reliably handles every detail for repeated customer satisfaction. M.G. McGrath is known for making difficult installations a reality, all the while being mindful to the architect’s design and customer’s expectations of the final product.


There is immense pride poured into each M.G. McGrath project—and that pride continues after the project is finished. Our work teams provide ongoing support and care of your building to assure it’s perfect for years to come.


M.G. McGrath is a provider (#L321) for the AIA Continuing Education System. Our program, “Pressure Equalized Rain Screen” (#1981 MG), is designed to help people identify the four types of exterior wall systems and their effectiveness, the fundamental principles of Rain Screen Systems and the factors that allow Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Systems to assist in controlling humidity, vapor drive and quality of conditioned spaces. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to CES Records for AIA members.