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Alex Terzich • HGA Architects and Engineers

On a recent project MG McGrath was given a technical challenge so unique that really only a handful of companies in the country would have known where to start. They met the problem head-on and were able to deliver a high-performance solution that was innovative, cost-effective, and well-crafted.

David Leschak • David Leschak Architects

It was a most enlightening and pleasurable experience to have had the opportunity to have such a valuable resource available to the project design team as MG McGrath was during the schematic and design development phases of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium project.  MG McGrath played a significant role in assisting the project design team with the development of the design, and detailing of the exterior metal cladding systems for this project.  The depth of MG McGrath’s technical knowledge concerning exterior cladding systems has no limits and their actual real world project experience in the construction of such complex metal building cladding systems was of tremendous value to the project design team.  However, in addition to MG McGrath’s technical expertise, it was their uncommon commitment to the vision and goals established for the project by the project design team as well as their “can do” attitude that makes MG McGrath an even more valuable team member during the early design phases of such a project.  Thanks MG McGrath.  I look forward to my next opportunity to collaborate with you on future design projects.

Chuck Jablon • Skanska

MG McGrath has been a great partner to Skanska over the past 5 years and we have watched his company grow as Skanska has continued to grow. In addition his company has also managed to outperform and meet or exceed the architects expectations. Our team really appreciates these types of partners and highly skilled craftsmen!

Rebecca Pospisil • Linbeck

It was a pleasure to work with your team.  You have to be proud of what they accomplished.  I appreciate the professionalism and the high quality of partnering McGrath provided on the project to a very positive end result…..a unique and beautiful building enclosure that doesn’t leak.  Along the way we had several scheduling and design challenges that were integral to our success or failure.  McGrath supported our success.  I hope McGrath and Linbeck can partner again.

Kelley J. Casey • HGA Architects and Engineers

Last Wednesday Nov 30th was the last time I was up to the Finial at the MN State Capitol. The extreme care and unbelievable craftsmanship of the metal-smiths (as I call them) is second to none. I have been impressed with your staff’s talents, professionalism and dedication from day one. The complexity of this project is beyond what most could accomplish, but with working together, contractor and architect, it will continue to shed water into the 22nd century and beyond.

John Cook • HGA Architects and Engineers

I am always delighted with my opportunities to work with MG McGrath. They offer impressive expertise during the pre-construction phase and consistently demonstrate a proven ability to produce building skins of complex elegance on time and on budget.

Jeff Dzurik • McGough Construction

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for the outstanding service you continue to provide to McGough, and the construction industry as a whole. Over the past several years, I’ve worked with MG McGrath on several challenging projects. On each and every one of these projects, your organization arose to the challenge, and exceeded the project team’s expectations. One of the strongest, most noticeable attributes of MG McGrath is their experienced installation craftsmen. They consistently complete their work in a very safe manner, ahead of schedule, and with a high level of professionalism. The evidence of this lies in the highest quality of the finished product, resulting in very few punchlist items or warranty call-backs, if any at all. However, what many people do not realize is that the success of MG McGrath is largely due to their pre-construction involvement, long before your craftsmen step foot onto the construction site. Your involvement in the early design and budgeting phases of the project allow you to influence the design at a very early stage, ensuring an efficient use of all materials and constructible detailing.  Furthermore, you do so being respectful of both the project budget and the design intent of the project designers – a very difficult task. The end result is a finished product that maximizes the value to the end user without the need for costly re-designs. Thanks again for all of your efforts, both recently and over the past several years. We look forward to working with MG McGrath on future, challenging projects in the near future, and many years to come.

Scott Ganske • Construction Executive

MG McGrath has been a highly dependable and well respected partner in many of the projects that we have successfully completed for a wide range of very important customers. Their proactive and meticulous approach to preconstruction, coordination, fabrication and installation has been invaluable and resulted in long-lasting metal product systems in both simple and iconic applications.

Kendall Griffith • Mortenson Construction

It is with much appreciation that I write this recommendation letter, for your use in forthcoming pursuit of design-assist work – we wish you the best of luck. Please feel free to use me as a reference as necessary, as I would happily share the details of our successful engagements with any of your potential Clients.  MG McGrath, Inc.’s efforts, which began with pre-construction design-assistance and concluded with construction, were critical to the success in particular of the Antoine Predock-designed McNamara Alumni Center, as well as the Herzog deMeuron-designed Walker Art Center, both in Minneapolis. McGrath’s advice to and support of the designers on both projects led to economical, long-lasting detailing for signature design elements that did not lend themselves easily to such detailing. The work expended during the design phase paid off with seamless installations during construction. Your company exceeded our expectations with your involvement in both projects.  These projects have, of course, led to many other successful projects built together by Mortenson and McGrath, including both major stadium projects currently underway in Minneapolis, and we look forward to many more in the future.

Cory Jones • Shaw-Lundquist Associates Inc.

MG McGrath was able to make (a difficult project) happen rather than ask for a design change from the architect. No matter the complexity, if MG McGrath is on the project, I am confident they can handle it.

Toshihiro Oki/SANAA

Robert Siegel • Robert Siegel Architects

From the beginning of the project, during design and research stages, it was clear that McGrath was focused on delivering a perfectly crafted product at the best possible value.

Annette Lucille, Director of Design • Wischermann Partners

I cannot express more sincere gratitude for the passion and preciseness of the team behind the scenes and onsite at Hotel IVY. We had a great experience working with MG McGrath and look forward to the next project – we will definitely be in touch.

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